This sacred space is where all of our Selenite Ice crystals are nourished and polished by guided placement and natural spring water currents before being ready for your space ~

At Selenite Kingdom, our love for Selenite Ice crystals runs as deep as the ancient underground mines from which they emerge. As a husband and wife team, we’re not just business partners; we’re soulmates united by a shared passion for these enchanting gems. We embark on extraordinary journeys, traveling to remote mine sites in Mexico and Utah where we hand-select each precious crystal, and personally transporting them back to our home. It’s here, nestled beside the shimmering waters of our tranquil creek, that our dedication truly shines.

We call it our “Crystal Nursery,” a place where nature’s gentle touch cleanses and polishes these radiant treasures, as if they were being born anew. We watch over each piece with unwavering care, gently turning them on all four sides to ensure a flawless transformation. For us, this is more than a business; it’s a labor of love, an ode to the profound beauty and energy that Selenite Ice crystals embody. Each crystal whispers a story of nature’s artistry, and we’re honored to be its custodians, nurturing and sharing these ethereal wonders with the world.